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09. September 2016
Hey everyone! So I decided to strike whilst the iron is hot and blog about my Kilimanjaro experience now. It’s definitely been an interesting one and one that I have enjoyed I’ve learnt so much about myself from this experience that I don’t really know where to begin but here goes…
26. June 2016
Hey everyone! As many of you are aware I put on a charity spoken word event for the 18th of June. I’m happy to say that I raised over £200 for the charity ‘Dig Deep’ which is great news! So. It was the first time that I’d ever planned an event independently before. How did it go? Well, it was interesting to say the least! I’ll leave a few flyers which will further buttress my point:
16. June 2016
Hey everyone! I hope you’re good? I’m gonna do some ridiculously last minute promo on an event that I am running this Friday!
04. December 2015
Hey! I’ve decided to share more as to why I’m fundraising for the charity’ Dig Deep’. Having been involved with various different charities as a volunteer and in other capacities I decided to find out more about this charity in question. I had heard about them last year at uni but I wasn’t very much aware about what they do. I thought it was a great idea to be able to fundraise whilst also doing what you love. As some of you know I LOVE travelling and climbing Kilimanjaro is a bucket...