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02. August 2017
Recently I was angry. Like, very angry. It takes a lot for me to get angry but this time it was a sudden flash of anger in retaliation to what someone else had said. At that point in time I said 'Only God Himself' can speak to me-and speak to me He did. I sat down and was wresting with my flesh, my conscience but most importantly the spirit man within me. You know when you want to drown it out and feign ignorance but God is like 'Hold up!' Well, that was me, In exasperation I was like: " Why...
29. January 2017
So easy to say but to do? Another matter completely. I was prompted to write this due to a few personal events that made me realise that I was still a novice in the school of forgiveness. I really wrestled with it and I saw that this issue of unforgiveness was really holding me back.