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29. May 2016
Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week? The highlight of my week was going to the ‘Holy Desperation’ Conference this Friday which was hosted by Heather Lindsey and her husband Cornelius. She is the founder of the ‘Pinky Promise movement’ which I am a part of in London and it has really been a blessing to me. You know when you know that a word is just for you and is so apt for the season you are in? Well that was me on Friday evening. I won’t lie, I wasn’t too excited about going...
10. May 2015
Hey! Apologies for my absence last week. I was at training and it overran. So much has happened this past week that I wonder if what I wanted to discuss before is still relevant. This week saw the entrance of a new government. To be honest I was indifferent. The only thing I’m happy about is that there is one party in power. Another coalition would have been detrimental to the progression of this country I feel. What I wanted to talk about was a certain advert that got the whole nation...
22. February 2015
Hey everyone, I hope you’re all good and had a great week/end? My week was interesting right from the get go. Somehow in my Monday lecture the topic of women in the workplace arose and you know the age old question of family vs. work that only ever seems to affect women. Topics like this always interest me and naturally I asked the question that is always asked: Can women have it all?