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28. June 2015
Hey guys, how was your week? I hope it was good! I didn’t post last week because it was father’s day and I just decided to chill with the family. So today, I stumbled across a documentary ‘Protecting our Foster kids’ on BBC iPlayer. To say I found it a bit emotional was an understatement.
31. May 2015
An old man ambles in. He walks in with a mission, determined to get a seat. Success. He sits down and waits impatiently, his face expectant. The look on his face is mirrored around the room. It’s not long before the murmurs begin and the requests come in. The man calls me over and asks, “When will it arrive?”. I gently reassure him that it won’t be long. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes turn to what feels like eternity. The faces change and some look displeased. Finally it arrives. A...