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20. June 2019
“I’ve got you” So they say. Seems like everyone has got you until The going gets tough. “I’ve got you” Always. Except always wasn’t all it cracked Up to be “I’ve got you” I thought I could make a home in your heart But I’ve been sent an eviction notice And I had to move, in the middle of the night “I’ve got you”. As a friend. Friends forever. Maybe that one is better. “I’ve got you”. No. I’ve got me. Nobody else has got me like I’ve got me.
10. June 2019
Another year with the same issue One that I did not subscribe to But each time without fail It arrives. Another day with another friend Sending words of encouragement That it won’t last forever Except forever is here and refuses to leave I want a refund, I never signed up for this Please redirect the mail to someone else Because, Why me? It has been 11 long years, Not that I am counting of course. But at least I am counting something Even if it’s not my blessings And no, I am not surprised...
05. June 2019
It’s 21:20 on a Wednesday evening And I realise that she needs to go. This image, this woman I expected to be by the age of 25. This image of perfection. She grew in my head, nurtured by the good words of others. ‘You’ve got this’ ‘You’re so bright’ ‘You’ll go far’ But maybe that was the problem; She wasn’t organic, She was man made. Grown in a culture of compliments with not enough dose of self belief. She would then graduate and join the company called comparison. Where...