2015 has been...

I stumbled across this picture and I felt that it was a succinct way of describing my year in a visual format anyway. For me,I’d say that 2015 has been a year of stability so whilst fireworks may not have happened, the fuel to set them off in the coming years were😉 . Yesterday marks a year that I’ve had this blog which is a big thing for me especially considering that I’ve had a blog before that is currently lost in cyberspace somewhere. Having a blog and maintaining  it is a big thing so kudos to any fellow bloggers that update theirs regularly and take it seriously! As you know no year is complete without any lessons being learnt and below are a few things that I learnt this year.




1. Don’t settle


Just because others around you may be happy with a mediocre life doesn’t mean you have to. I’ve been guilty of  scaling down my expectations, hopes and dreams just because others could not fathom it. Who says others have to understand it? It is not every opinion that one should listen to and the ability to decipher good advice from bad advice is beneficial. This goes for other areas in life from relationships, friendships and so on.



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My 21st

As some of you may know I recently (kinda, December 1st) turned 21. I debated internally whether I should write a post about it but then I thought, why not? It’s going to be a post of posterity that I can look back on when I turn 30😛


It is no secret that I like to travel and explore and I decided that I definitely wanted to go on holiday for my birthday. My first though was Amsterdam but upon seeking advice from friends I changed my mind. With hindsight I’m so glad that I didn’t go and to be honest I’ll probably go sometime in the not too distant future. For me it just wasn’t the place that I wanted to spend my 21st.

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The 'N'word

So if you aren’t aware, Dappy from the former group ‘N-Dubz’ released a track and the N word was used. By that I mean ‘N*gger/a’ or whatever silly way people choose to spell it. Now, I’m not here for to hear why it’s acceptable but I will let you know why I feel it’s wrong that he used it on so many levels. First of all however let’s look at the common reasons as to why people say it’s fine for him to say it:


Black people use the word on each other so what’s the issue?


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Trying something different

Hey! I’ve decided to share more as to why I’m fundraising for the charity’ Dig Deep’. Having been involved with various different charities as a volunteer and in other capacities I decided to find out more about this charity in question. I had heard about them last year at uni but I wasn’t very much aware about what they do.


I thought it was a great idea to be able to fundraise whilst also doing what you love. As some of you know I LOVE travelling and climbing Kilimanjaro is a bucket list dream so why not do it and also raise money for charity?


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