Resting on your laurels.

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Apologies for not posting last week. It was a serious case of writer’s block or laziness? I’m still trying to decide. Hopefully it won’t repeat itself.


Today I want to talk about that thing.


That thing that you do so well. So effortlessly.


That thing that brings you inner joy.

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Let's go back to basics

Hey everyone, Happy Mother’s Day! To present, expectant and future (I receive it Amen lool) mothers.


So today I want to go back to basics. With some of the conversations I’ve witnessed and the opinions people have discussed there seems to be a recurring theme; love

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Hey all.  I’ve been all over the place this week emotionally; some good and some bad. Something I’m learning is to not always give into them. It’s not always easy considering that I’m quite a sentimental person at times.


I learnt a very important lesson this week in the guise of friendships. Sometimes you have to


Let them go.


Harsh right? Let me explain further.

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More than meets the eye

Happy new month everyone! March already, time is speeding by it seems!  I hope you’ve all been good.


If truth be told I rarely watch TV shows. Firstly, where is the time and secondly is there anything really worth watching? Admittedly I do love a good documentary especially those on social issues /commentary.


Now, I don’t know if any of you watched ‘Immigration Street’ which was shown earlier this week? If not you didn’t miss anything much anyway. I struggled to see the aim of it and what exactly it wanted to get across.  The only concerning thing is that there has been a significant increase in those kind of shows. In fact, an hour before on the same channel (Channel 4) ‘The Romanians are Coming’ was shown which I half heartedly watched.

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