Experiences 2

My worst fears were confirmed. Life was coming forth from me that I never expected. I didn’t know whether to scream or cry.  Nobody else was around, just me in the cubicle.  Instead of moping around I washed my hands and stared at the my reflection in the mirror; I was a mess. My life was an even bigger mess. What to do? For starters I’d have to tell him that we were going to be parents much to his displeasure. Where had it all gone so wrong?  How had this happened and why me? Nothing serious was meant to come out of it and now possibly the most important thing had been produced.  Try as I might tears refused to form. A woman entered the toilet, paused then looked at me critically.

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It was 7:30pm but judging by the colour of the sky you would have though it was much later. Perks of the Autumn season. The train was beyond packed and I suddenly began to feel sick. Really sick. I uttered a silent prayer and closed my mouth for dear life because if I opened them I feared what may come out. Drops of condensation dripped down the windows echoing what my face looked like. I needed to get out of this train-and fast. The train was moving ridiculously slow and I feared that I was quite literally going to collapse. All the seats had been occupied and I had varying limbs poking into me as I stood up. I could feel my eyelids gradually giving way, an unseen force bringing them together against my will.



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