Welcome to my new site!



I'm so excited that I finally have a proper place that I can share my thoughts with you all! As you know I am a writer but I also do have other interests too and I felt it was the right time to branch out a bit. I will still be writing and blogging (I couldn't stop even if I tried too) and I will try to be more regular with the blogs too. There are so many other things that pique my interest too but I don't want to speak too much as actions speak louder than words but if you care long enough to stick out this new season of self discovery with me then I promise you it will definitely be worth the wait! ;)


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My 2016

On paper my 2016 felt like a sequel to how 2013 was for me; terrible. It certainly was not one of my best years however I know it was preparing me for my future which has great things in store for me. Everything wasn't bad and I really have experienced highs (Kilimanjaro, my Baptism),  and lows (go figure ;) ). 


I know that I will look back on this year as a foundation year and the year that really brought out characteristics and strength that I never knew I had. We all want the success story but we often don't want the struggle that comes with it and for every 'I made it' story best believe that there were many tears shed along the way and a few failures too. My point is, don't be quick to want your trials to be over as there is a beauty in them and they really do prepare you for greater things ahead. So if you did find 2016 to be a challenging year, congratulations because at least you made it through the year and you're now here reading this blog post ;)



I do however feel that it was a year of small victories and firsts such as organising my first independent event (the poetry night to raise money for charity) and also marked the end of my first year living out with friends. It was also the year that I learnt so many lessons through painful experiences which I know will be invaluable lessons for the future.


Some of what I have learnt I will share before and I 100% plan to run with in 2017.

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