The Waiting Room

Nobody likes waiting rooms- well I’d like to think so anyway. Where is the fun in flicking through ear torn, tattered magazines that have seen better days? Twiddling your thumbs can only go on for so long before you get bored and if you look at the clock one more time you’re bound to go insane. There is nothing else to do but think and think you do. Ironic how we try to run away from our thoughts but when all else fails that is all we have. Your mind begins to wander between successes, failures and everything in between. Those thoughts that have been tucked away in the “Do not Disturb’ file annoyingly find a way of escape and begin to run freely. You grimace inwardly and try swatting them away as if they’re flies but all to no avail. The thoughts begin to taunt you, willing you to react but you desist and keep your cool.

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