Worth the Wait


This is not the first time that I am seeing the quote but I feel that now more than ever it has become relevant to me. I'm going to go through each sentence bit by bit and really deconstruct it for the sake of clarity. 


I'll just lay a disclaimer that I do not know who actually created this quote, I've just seen it around on the internet.


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My Lagos Experience


Hey everyone! I hope you're all good :)  So, last month between the 9th-25th May I went to Lagos, Nigeria. There was no particular reason that I went, I just felt that it was way overdue as I hadn't been in almost five years. I decided to go by myself and I stayed with a friend (shout out to Tolu ;) <3 ).  I was very keen on trying to discover Lagos from a tourist view- somewhat. Whilst I cannot speak for others I find that it is possible for those in diaspora to always be going 'back home' but never really experiencing the country due to always going for family reasons, business and the like.  I wanted to have fun and just check out what Lagos had to offer.  This post will go over my experiences but it'll be different to my other holiday posts as, well going to the other place you call home will always be different, right?



Before I travelled I'd been checking out a few restaurants that I wanted to go to. 'Oceans Basket', a restaurant which was founded in South Africa stood out to me especially due to being a pescatarian and so I went there on my first night. I loved it and without a doubt I would go again!



I went to a few places during my time in Lagos with the first place being the LUFASI Nature Park- a privately owned nature park. I didn't really know what to expect beforehand but I was open to seeing what they had to offer. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos with my camera which was really annoying! I resorted to using my phone which wasn't too bad as I managed to get some nice photos. We had a tour guide who showed us around and told us about the various plants, trees and animals present in the park. The highlight for me was feeding one of the monkeys.  Below are some photos I took. All in all it was a lovely park but I would have liked there to be more on offer. There are plans to add more activities in the future so we will see how that goes.




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